Urology specialty

In the Urology specialty of the General Hospital, care is provided for patients with urological diseases, postoperative care and treatment, small surgical interventions.

The Urology specialty of the General Hospital of the "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation provides continuous healthcare and continuous hospitalization for patients with urological diseases. Urological affections refer to the surgical and medical pathology of the urinary system as well as to the male genital ailments, representing the concerns of the medical team made up of highly professional physicians, helped by dedicated and experienced personnel and experienced in specific procedures and maneuvers.

The Urology specialty's wards have two beds that meet the requirements of great comfort and ambience. There is also a room for treatment, dressing and small surgical gestures, an office of the average staff, a cabinet where the doctors of the department can consult and perform diagnostic and interventional ultrasounds. Also has a food office, as well as other spaces necessary for the care and assistance of the patients.

In the Urology specialty we can perform the preoperative and postoperative care of the urologic patient, small interventions targeting especially male genital apparatus as well as various urological and andrological procedures and maneuvers.

In establishing a rapid and accurate diagnosis, within the General Hospital, the medical team has at its disposal a modern medical laboratory where high accuracy tests can be performed, connected to an electronic system for fast and accurate data transmission.
The medical imaging service has state-of-the-art equipment that allows a wide range of examinations to be performed using a device with a minimum irradiation level at international standards.

The diagnosis and treatment of other affections and comorbidities of our patients is carried out with the help of our colleagues at the "Victor Babes" Diagnostic and Treatment Center of various specialties.

Patients benefit from the best medical care without lacking the safety, attention and comfort of home. Nasocomial or clinically apparent infections are minimized since the hospital was opened by implementing high standards of hygiene management, cleanliness and sterilization of the premises and instruments used.

When you cross the threshold of our hospital, you will receive with respect and understanding with warmth, with the calm and patience you need so much in those difficult moments. You will immediately notice the professionalism and special conditions we have.

Urology specialty doctors :

  • Dr. Seyed Aghamiri, Urology and Andrology Senior Specialist Doctor, MD/PhD
  • Dr. Radu-Ioan Vărşăndan, Urology and Andrology Specialist Doctor