General Hospital - "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation

General Hospital - "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation

Clinical study - treatment of hepatitis B and D infection

Starting with September 2019, in the "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation, a clinical study will be carried out to test the efficacy and tolerability of a new drug for the treatment of hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis D virus (VHD).
This project is being carried out concurrently in other medical centers in Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Republic of Moldova, Mongolia, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Pakistan, Russian Federation, United States, Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, our Center joining an international effort to identify new drugs for the treatment of hepatitis B and D.

For further information, please contact Dr. Gherlan George Sebastian by e-mail at

New service in the General Hospital

Our hospital is equipped with a modern Harmonic-Ethicon ultrasound electro-surgery unit. The device is designed for high-performance surgery and is useful in all surgical specialties in the hospital.
By using this type of equipment, it is possible to shorten the operating time, but also to increase the patient's safety.

Angiography - new medical service

With the desire to diversify the range of medical services offered to our patients, the Victor Babes Foundation has established the Angiography Section.
The services of the Angiography Section are performed by high-qualified and professional probation staff. The department has the latest medical equipment, with the possibility to perform the examinations in the short time and to the highest quality standard.

Info about Angiography

Urological examination provided by renowned professors from Paris and Vienna, together with specialists from the "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation

In a large international campaign to fight prostate cancer, renowned European doctors will give urological medical advice at the "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation, Diagnosis and Treatment Centre - Private Medical Clinic in Bucharest. It's about Prof. Dr. Bob Djavan from Rudolfinerhaus Hospital Foundation and New York University USA Austria and about Prof. Dr. André Philippe Davody at the American Hospital of Paris. Consultations will be coordinated by Dr. Seyed Aghamiri urology physician, doctor of medical sciences in "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation, Bucharest.

More information : Urological examination

The "Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation inaugurated the General Hospital

"Dr. Victor Babes" Foundation inaugurated the General Hospital, thus increasing its hospitalization capacity. Expansion has emerged from the desire to diversify the range of hospital services offered to our patients.

General Hospital - inauguration

  • Spital General - Fundatia Victor Babes
  • Hol intrare Spital General - Fundatia Victor Babes
  • Hol compartiment Gastroenterologie
  • Salon compartiment Gastroenterologie
  • Cabinet endoscopie - compartiment Gastroenterologie
  • Hol compartiment Neurologie
  • Intensive Therapy Ward - Cardiology Compartment
  • Surgery room