Medical information Conditions for patient hospitalization

Conditions for patient hospitalization - General Hopital

The necessary papers for hospitalization are :

  • For patients benefiting from medical services based on the contract with CNAS
    • Identity card
    • Referral (referral recommendation) from a specialist doctor or family doctor in a contractual relationship with health insurance houses
    • Proof of the quality of the insured (workplace certificate, pupil or student certificate, pension coupon, or certificate from the insurance house).
  • For patients who benefit from private hospital care
    • Identity card
    • Recommendation of the general practitioner in the General Hospital to be interned

Emergency boarding

  • According to the health insurance law, all patients domiciled in Romania benefit from free emergency medical assistance.
  • The medical services are settled by CNAS during the emergency period, regardless of whether or not the patients are insured.
  • In patients unsecured termination / continuation of a state of emergency is certified by the attending physician, FO is recorded into the head physician and the compartment in question.
  • The uninsured patient should be informed of the cessation of the emergency and the obligation to clarify the situation.
  • Keeping it in the hospital only on payment of hospitalization expenses outside the period of emergency under a "Promissory Note" signed by the patient and countersigned by the attending physician.

The release of medical leave is based on the following documents :

  • The certificate shall state the number of days of sick leave that the employee has received in the last 12 months
  • Initial medical leave form (if applicable)

Criteria for prioritizing patients on the waiting list are in the chronological order of addressing them to the hospital's hospital room.