Medical information Information on patient discharge

Information on patient discharge - General Hopital

Depending on the progress of the patient's illness, the prescribing physician will set the date of discharge, which will be communicated to the patient the day before or on the morning of the day of discharge. The attending physician completes the Discharge Ticket and the Medical Letter that will reach the family doctor.

The discharge slip and the Medical Letter will be completed in two copies, one copy attached to the Observation Sheet and the other handed to the patient.

The prescribing physician will establish and record in the Discharge Ticket and the Medical Letter the following :

  • Discharge diagnosis
  • The condition of the patient at discharge
  • The medical treatment to follow
  • Indications on diet and life
  • Date of medical check-up
  • The number of days of sick leave

In the case of patient discharge on demand, the risks to which he may be exposed may be explained. The attending physician records in the observation sheet the patient's discharge request and he is asked to sign that he has requested discharge.
Discharge on demand does not apply to transmissible infectious diseases and other cases provided by law.

Documents issued to the patient at discharge :

  • Discharge ticket
  • Medical Letter
  • Medical leave certificate (if applicable)
  • Medical certificate (if applicable)
  • Medical prescription
  • Expenditure reimbursement for received medical services

The attending physician completes all the patient discharge documents, signs them and paraphrases, and the Chief Medical Officer checks the complete and correct completion, then countersigns and paraphases the discharge documents.