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Cardiology Specialty

In the General Hospital, Cardiology specialty in providing the best care for all patients with acute and chronic cardiovascular disease. Equally, prevention is being pursued through programs to prevent cardiovascular disease and to control cardiovascular risk factors. There are also cardiac rehabilitation programs for patients with evidence of cardiovascular recovery.

In the Cardiology specialty, the patient benefits from a competent care, personalized by a trained medical team specializing in the diagnosis, assessment and treatment of cardiovascular disease using the most advanced imaging techniques such as ultrasound - knowing that cardiac ultrasound is the main Method for diagnosis, monitoring, cardiac patient evaluation, Holter blood pressure monitors useful for blood pressure assessment with 24 hour values, very useful for patients with high blood pressure, also ECG Holter devices that are useful for patients with disorders of Rhythm and cardiac conduction, recording a 24-hour or 48-hour ECG course according to the patient's indication.

As far as the patient with ischemic heart disease is concerned, we benefit from performant EKG test equipment, an EKG test that provides us with data on functional assessment of coronary artery stenosis, and then the patient will benefit from invasive or non invasive coronary exploration, By the indication of each patient.
The invasive exploration of coronary arteries by coronarography is the gold standard for the diagnosis of atherosclerotic and congenital coronary diseases, taking into consideration the possibility of interventional therapy during the same maneuver with coronary artery dilatation and the possibility of mounting of cardiac stents.
Non-invasive coronary exploration by performing the Multi-slice Tomograph Computer is also a very useful method given the non-invasive nature of this method and the fact that it can bring additional data to coronary exploration.

For patients requiring a detailed assessment of cardiac structure and cardiac function, we can look at imaging imaging called the MRI we have in our equipment. It targets saliva with pulmonary hypertension, valvulopathy, ischemic heart disease, cardiomyopathy, and congenital heart disease.

Do not forget the emergency cardiac care that is organized in the Cardiological Intensive Care Unit equipped with non-invasive individual monitoring devices of the vital parameters connected to the Central Monitoring Unit with permanent medical supervision.
Intensive Cardiac Therapy Unit addresses patients with severe, acute heart disease, with the ability to monitor in the Clinic, invasive dynamic parameters and assisted mechanical ventilation reserved for severe cases.

Cardiology doctors :

  • Dr. Liliana ┼×tefan, Cardiology Senior Specialist Doctor, Cardiac and Doppler Ultrasound certified
  • Dr. Angelica Nour-Dinc─â, Cardiology Specialist Doctor, Internal medicine Senior Specialist Doctor, General Ultrasound certified, MD/PhD