Medical information Patient obligations

Patient obligations - General Hopital

Patient Obligations - General Hospital

  • To give full confidence in the treatment and recommended care
  • To behave in a civilized and polite manner with medical staff
  • To comply with the rules of daily personal hygiene
  • To express the consent required by medical personnel in the situations provided by the legislation
  • To participate in healing by observing medical recommendations and treatment and to rigorously adhere to the internal order of the unit
  • Not to require laboratory or radiological examinations that the physician does not consider necessary
  • To accept the healthcare regimen recommended by a physician, even if it differs from the foods he or she is familiar with
  • Not store food except in permitted places (fridge)
  • To stay in the hospital for as long as necessary, not to insist to stay longer than necessary, and if he wishes to be discharged prior to the doctor's recommendation, he / she will be under his / her own responsibility and under his / her signature
  • Request information only to qualified personnel
  • Keep cleanliness in salons, equipment integrity, sanitation in sanitary facilities, and not degrade installations, throw off dressings, wadding, and other food items or scraps. Smoking is strictly forbidden
  • To walk in decent, carefree outfit, when going out on corridors or outside in the hospital yard
  • To observe the hospital circuits and not to circulate through forbidden places to patients for their own protection against pathogens or noxious agents
  • Not to cause misunderstandings or altercations with medical personnel or other patients

In case of discontent, the patient can make a written complaint or address the head physician or hospital management